How to deal with maintaining a healthy work-life balance; a case study


Research has shown that with all the new technologies and shifting expectations people have, their lives have become more hectic than ever before. Work is demanding more pro-active behavior, better time management, and expertise in skills and knowledge. Socially it is also expected that you attend all birthdays, do lots of sports and maintain contact with all your family. During our coaching’s we’ve helped a lot of employees balance their personal and work goals.

For this case study, we will be looking at a senior account manager at an e-company. As a 40 year old father of two, he was struggling to find time to do the things he really cared about. He was working 60+ hours a week and with a changed situation at home, he found it difficult to reach both his work and personal goals like he used to.

So we:

  • Did a test to see how he felt at the start of the program, what worked, what challenges he saw and how his stress levels where
  • Helped him get a clear grasp of his current values in his work and personal life
  • Created focus on what he needed to feel energized again, both at home and in the office
  • Taught him to have a better grip on mail/agenda/task management, both technically and how to organize them for him personally
  • Guided him to say no to tasks or questions not urgent and important to him
  • Evaluate the progress for a time of 3 months, to adjust his new way of working and helping him to communicate that to his surroundings
  • Did the base-test again after 6 months to see what improvements he made, and what could still be improved in the future

The senior account manager felt very relieved after we completed the 6 months’ program. He felt like his life was ones again in his control, he was ‘behind the steering wheel’ to use his words. He realised that he could do the things he found important, consciously and in a focused matter. His yearly evaluation from his manager feedback that he seemed much more at ease and of more value to the team. He could fulfill his senior role in the team and help others when needed, something he never found the time for before.

His partner at home also found that he was more available when he was home, not consumed by work either by looking at his phone all the time or just absent with his mind.

The senior account manager had since then recommended this program to his brother who was also facing the challenge of balancing his work and personal goals.


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